A Shared Vision for the Future of Computing

Across the PC ecosystem, leading companies are partnering with Intel to create a new class of advanced laptops designed to meet people’s real-world needs.

Intel & Our Partners: Delivering the Future of Computing:

  • Tech experts said the PC would be dead by 2020, but Intel has been reinvigorating a new course for innovation since 2018, because we’ve always believed in its endurance.

  • Intel, together with more than 150 ecosystem partners, works to deliver new, advanced PC experiences.

  • Intel rallied its partners to innovate across the entire PC platform, beyond the CPU.


Just one decade ago, tech experts declared the PC would be dead by 2020.

Ten years later, with a complete re-imagining of how we approach PC innovation and a global pandemic reshaping the world we live in – the PC is more essential than ever.

At Intel, we’ve always believed the PC was an enduring device, which is why we set out to reinvigorate and navigate a new course for PC innovation. In 2018 we started to rally our ecosystem partners around a cross-industry effort to innovate beyond the CPU. Our mission was to drive innovation across the entire platform: from silicon to software and beyond.

The result? A PC experience evolved.

Critical to delivering this new, advanced PC experience is our deep, co-engineering and collaboration with more than 150 global ecosystem partners.

Together, we’ve made more advances in the last two years than the industry made in the last decade. We helped to co-engineer the first foldable laptop. We launched the Intel Evo Platform and have verified over 50 designs to date, as part of our laptop innovation program. We’re delivering the best thin and light laptops with our 11th Gen Core processors. And we’re not stopping there. We’re ready to continue pushing computing into the next frontier.

Our partnerships across the ecosystem are critical to delivering an advanced PC experience to our customers. From hardware to software, to operating systems, components and finally retailers, we work closely with our partners to drive PC innovation and deliver it into the hands of our customers.

Optimizing for the OS

The Google Chrome OS and Microsoft Windows teams work with Intel to optimize their operating systems for our processors. This ensures people can enjoy laptop experiences designed specifically for their needs, from productivity and content creation to gaming and virtual connection. These come to life at the intersection of the OS and Intel silicon.

The leaders behind the innovations:

John Solomon, VP and GM, Chrome OS, Google describes the collaboration between the Chrome OS team and Intel to improve performance and eliminate compromises on thin-and-light laptops.

Panos Panay, Chief Product Officer, Microsoft lays out his vision for PC platforms that evolve and enrich how people connect, create, work, and play in today’s world.

Joining Software & Silicon

Software companies like Adobe and Tripwire, and others partner with Intel to maximize the speed and power of their applications on our silicon. We’re working with these companies to develop sophisticated AI, immersive visuals, and other advances, while also tackling real-world pain points.

The leaders behind the technology:

Scott Belsky, Chief Product Officer and EVP, Creative Cloud, Adobe discusses how technologies like AI can spark inspiration for creative professionals.

John Gibson, President, Tripwire looks forward to the new CPU and GPU technologies and capabilities coming from Intel, such as real-time ray tracing and global illumination, to improve the PC gaming experience.

Reacting Consumers Through Retailers

Together, with top retailers, like Best Buy in the U.S. and JD.com in China, Intel informs and educates people about the experiences available on today’s laptops. By making PC technologies easy-to-understand, these retail partnerships help people identify the right laptop for their needs, priorities, and experiences.

The leaders behind the advances:

Blake Hampton, VP of Merchandising, Best Buy discusses empowering people with intelligent PC platforms that are responsive to their needs.

Xiaobing Yan, Senior Vice President, JD.com talks about how Intel Evo powered laptops will deliver everything people need: performance, battery life, connectivity, and security—all on thin-and-light form factors.

We are inspired by our partners’ vision, knowledge, and commitment. Together, we will continue to advance the PC platform, evolve laptop experiences, and deliver PC experiences that allow people to do the things that are most important to them.