Unlock Value with Flexible Modular Computing

Easily create, customize, and refresh integrated systems and full mini PC solutions.

The Intel® NUC Element Product Family Delivers Flexible Modular Computing

  • Modular components for just-in-time system building

  • Small size for a wide range of deployments

  • Easy upgrades with forward-compatible components

  • Remote management (with the Intel vPro® platform)

  • 3-year product availability and 3-year warranty


Reimagining Computing So You Can Imagine New Solutions

In business today, one size does not fit all. Intel developed the Intel® NUC Element line of products to give you a better way to design, build, and service custom deployments to meet a wide range of customer needs.

With the performance and reliability you’ve come to expect from Intel, this flexible, modular computing solution is another example of how Intel-designed innovations are answering the world’s toughest business and education challenges.

From rugged systems in unique environments to full systems in a business or vertical environment, Intel® NUC Element product let you deliver ideal, custom solutions with minimal R&D time.

The Intel® NUC Element family includes:

  • Intel® NUC Compute Element with processor, memory, storage, and I/O
  • Intel® NUC Board & Assembly Element with multiple I/O options for integrated solutions
  • Intel® NUC Chassis Element for collaboration or rugged environments

How It Works

To build a customized deployment for your market, start with an Intel NUC Compute Element with the Intel® processor you need. Select SKUs also come with the Intel vPro® platform for remote manageability, hardware-enhanced security, and PC fleet stability.

Pair the Intel NUC Compute Element with an Intel® NUC Board Element qualified for 24/7 sustained operation or with your own or a third-party board. Use an Intel NUC Chassis Element to build a full mini PC solution for collaboration or rugged environments.

Intel® NUC Compute Element

Every deployment begins with an Intel® NUC Compute Element. Available with the full range of powerful Intel® processors, the two Intel NUC Compute Elements also offer memory, storage, and multiple I/O options—all in a surprisingly small package.

To integrate compute with connectivity for stationary or mobile systems, pair an Intel NUC Compute Element with an Intel® NUC Board Element. To build an I/O-rich collaboration solution, integrate with an Intel® NUC Pro Chassis Element. For deployments in harsh environments, integrate with an Intel® NUC Rugged Chassis Element.

Intel® NUC Board and Assembly Element

The Intel® NUC Board and Assembly Elements are ideal for providers creating integrated systems. Available as modular boards or as assemblies with added rack and thermal solutions, they are qualified for 24/7 sustained operations and feature limited voltage variability and an internal DC connector.

Pair with a compatible Intel NUC Compute Element to build a small, integrated, high-performance system for a range of verticals.

With two configuration options to choose from, you have flexibility to configure your system based on your needs.

Intel® NUC Chassis Element

Each Intel® NUC Chassis Element is designed to deliver years of nonstop performance in a variety of business, educational, and industrial environments. Every chassis is compatible with any Intel® NUC Compute Element, making it easy to upgrade to more powerful processors as needs change.

The Intel® NUC Rugged Chassis Element is designed for harsh and extreme environments with one of three integrated Intel NUC Rugged Board Elements.

The Intel® NUC Pro Chassis Element comes in two space-saving, I/O-rich designs to support all-day collaboration.