Intel® Arc™ 3 Graphics for Desktops

Intel® Arc™ graphics are equipped with cutting-edge features to enable users to create faster than ever and enjoy fluid gaming on popular titles.

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Additional Features and Technologies

Harness the power of Intel CPUs and GPUs to unleash even greater performance and efficiency with Intel Deep Link technology across a variety of workloads.

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Intel Arc Control gives gamers options and controls to refine their gaming experience in an intuitive and modern layout. Get seamless driver updates, optimize your favorite games and stream from your home, without interruption.

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Bring your best when video conferencing with features like green screen, background blurring, and auto-camera framing. Personalize your background, stay properly centered, and broadcast from wherever you want.

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  Xe-cores Graphic Clock (Mhz) Memory  
A380 8 2,000 Mhz 6GB GDDR6 See full specification

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