Foundation for Actionable Insights

To rapidly extract business value and real-time decisions from data, a sound analytics strategy for any business must include having the right infrastructure within your data center—one that is flexible enough to accommodate different approaches, whether that is massive “scale-up” analytics demanding large in-memory, real-time processing power for applications such as ERP, CRM and OLTP, or “scale-

out” analytics platforms for storing and processing growing volume of unstructured data.

Whatever your data analytics infrastructure requirements, Intel’s long-standing innovation in the data center delivers a highly secure, robust architectural foundation that is supported by a broad ecosystem of leading hardware and software solution vendors. Building your analytics infrastructure on Intel® based solutions allows for innovation and experimentation with a variety of analytics approaches and workloads, so you can accelerate enterprise-wide adoption of analytics and confidently begin to move your business forward with actionable, real-time insights.

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