Intel Atom® Processor

Intel Atom® Processor

Intel Atom® Processor

Intel Atom® Processor for Netbooks: Product Brief

Product Overview

Available for netbooks, the Intel Atom® processor delivers unmatched capabilities in a small package for today’s on-the-go consumers. Take Internet connectivity to more places and easily access the Web, e-mail, news, chat, videos, photos, and music—wherever you go.

The Intel Atom processor—Purpose-Built for Net...books

The Intel Atom® processor is designed to enable affordable netbooks for basic computing and Internet access. It delivers amazing capabilities for a perfect on-the-go companion to your PC. A netbook is also a great introductory computer for children for both learning and entertainment. Take the Internet with you in a more lightweight, practical, and convenient package. Stay unplugged longer thanks to an energy-efficient processor designed for long battery life. Do more things on the Internet, and whether you are at home or away, enjoy Internet access with a compact netbook at an affordable price.

The Intel Atom® processor single- and dual-core, combined with the Intel® NM10 Express Chipset, offers best-in-class capabilities and supports both Windows* and MeeGo* Linux* operating systems1 so you can get online, have fun, and get things done.

With the Intel Atom® processor N550 dual-core, enjoy Internet access on the go with more responsive consumer experience in the same compact form factor and with the same great battery life as the Intel Atom® processor N450 single-core.

Read the full Intel Atom® Processor for Netbooks Product Brief.

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