Platform Memory Validation

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Intel's Validation Program: Objective

To verify SDRAM compliance to Intel specifications for and performance of supported memory in Intel reference systems. The results of validation procedures provide a guideline for memory compatibility with Intel® processor integrated memory controllers.

This validation, performed by approved test labs on small samples of components and modules, is intended to demonstrate supplier design and manufacturing capability.

The validation process uses standardized procedures and methodologies documented in the Intel validation procedure for memory. This documented procedure is not intended to replace the normal product qualification process.

Latest Validation Updates

Technology Tested at Frequency DRAM type/DIMM type I/O Voltage
LPDDR3 2133 MT/s 178b BGA, 253b BGA 1.2V
LPDDR4/x 3733, 4266 MT/s 200b BGA, 432b BGA 1.1V, 0.6V
LPDDR5/x 5200 MT/s 315b BGA, 496b PoP 1.05V, 0.5V
DDR4 2933, 3200 MT/S UDIMM 1.2V
DDR4 2933, 3200 MT/s SODIMM 1.2V
DDR4 3200 MT/s Memory Down
DDR4 2933, 3200 MT/s RDIMM 1.2V
DDR4 2933, 3200 MT/s LRDIMM 1.2V