Intel® Partner Programs

Intel® Partner Programs provide members with exclusive content and resources to get more out of Intel®-based solutions.

Partnership for Success

Whether you design, recommend, distribute, or resell Intel®-based products and solutions, partnering with Intel delivers benefits that are geared towards your success.

Discover the All-New Intel® Partner Alliance

Intel® Partner Alliance connects you to a world of innovation.

Customized to Your Business

Intel® Partner Alliance unifies partners under a singular, modern program to accelerate innovation, collaboration, and growth. Get an overview of the benefits and requirements of the new membership tiers.

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See the Future for Yourself

Discover Intel’s data-centric transformation with the Intel® Solutions Marketplace. Grow with innovative solutions and opportunities for powerful collaboration.

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New and Improved Personalized Training

Intel® Partner University has training prepared just for you. Discover personalized curriculums with relevant competencies, webinars, and courses that move your business forward.

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Looking for a Solution Provider or Technology Specialist?

Intel® Solutions Marketplace

Find partners that offer Intel®-based embedded and IoT solutions in hardware, software, systems, and services.

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Technology Provider Locator

Looking for a reseller or solution provider near you? From devices to components and platforms, use our locator tool to find value added resellers and Intel® Technology Providers that serve your business and market needs.

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Find an Intel® Authorized Distributor

Buy from top tier distribution partners who offer the latest Intel® technology.