Intel® Industrial Solution Builders

Fostering a vibrant ecosystem to lead the industrial transformation of tomorrow

Intel® Solution Builders is an ecosystem which provides an opportunity for leading end users and the solution builders to come together to:

  • Lead and accelerate industrial transformation
  • Grow awareness of solutions available
  • Network and collaborate  

Intel® Industrial Solution Builders Community At a Glance


Lead & Accelerate Industrial Transformation 

Leading global end-users sharing industrial IOT deployment strategies and elevating the demand for open scalable Transformational Solutions.

Solution Providers

Grow Awareness Co-Market, Co-Sell Solutions

Opportunity to showcase IOT and embedded expertise on industrial solutions and reach a global audience across multiple sectors. 

All Participants

Network and Collaborate

Network with fellow members creating solutions with Intel® technology through program tools and events.

End users are a vibrant part of our Industrial Solution Builders ecosystem

Working together, Intel helps to accelerate innovation, adoption and implementation of next generation solutions which are open, scalable and software defined to improve business outcomes. If you’re an industrial enterprise interested in joining our ecosystem.

Accelerating Industrial Transformation

Intel® Industrial Solutions Builders Events

Intel® Industrial Solutions Builders Events provides the ecosystem opportunities to discover, discuss, see, and connect.

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Intel® Industrial Solution Builders Specialty Program

Contact Intel® IoT Solution Alliances to learn about its invitation-only Specialty program created to enable current partners and leading end-users in their Industrial 4.0 journey.

Contact Intel® IoT Solution Alliances

Intel® Solutions Marketplace

Connect with Intel partners and discover products and solutions to solve your industrial business needs. 

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Industrial Solution Builders Ecosystem Partners

Additional Resources

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