First Steps for New & Unclaimed Leads

Notifying Intel which leads you accept to move forward with nurture or sales activities and which leads you are rejecting.

Step 1

A new "Partner-Ready Lead" has been created and assigned to you. Please determine if you would like to “Accept” or “Reject” this Lead.

Evaluate if the Lead is worth pursuing by reviewing the fields on the layout. Review the page layout sections below to help familiarize yourself with the new fields and values.

The top area of the page shows you quick information on the Lead such as "Name", "Title", etc. Additionally, the “Claim”, “Reject” and “Edit” buttons are available for usage. The next row shows the "Lead Status" tabs and buttons. Beneath the "Lead Status" buttons are key fields and guidance for success for each individual status (i.e. quick help / tips).

The next three sections show information on the Lead’s contact info, company info, and detailed information on why the person became a Lead. Pay close attention to the "Specific Lead Source" field (where the Lead came from), "Lead Action" (what the person did to become a Lead), and "Lead Notes" (may contain comments inputted from the person, additional information about how the Lead was created, etc.).

Additionally, the “Marketplace Information” row contains all the data related to a Intel© Solutions Marketplace offering associated with this Lead (when applicable). 

“Enriched Lead Information” provides valuable data on the Lead (where applicable). This data can help you as you are qualifying the Lead by providing additional person-level insights like job function, job level, etc., as well as additional company-level insights like industry. This information is sourced by Intel and is a valuable benefit for Lead processing.

Step 2

If the Lead appears to have potential, click the “Claim” button to “Accept” the Lead.

Step 3

If not, click the “Reject” button and mark appropriate “Reject Reason” and please provide specific comments on why you are rejecting this Lead. This information is used to help provide better Leads to you in the future by preventing bad leads from being created.

Best Practices

Please “Claim” this Lead and attempt to make first contact based on “Lead Priority”: 

  • Hot – attempt to contact within 1 business day
  • Warm – attempt to contact within 2 business days
  • Cold – attempt to contact within 4 business days