How to Use and Create List Views

View and filter your leads in the Intel® Partner Lead Portal.

Step 1

List views are a way to display small bite-sized chunks of data that are instantly accessible to you. They are created by defining what data you want to see in the columns and also what fields they should be filtered by. We have created a default set of list views to help you get started.

To view the different list views, click the arrow icon to the right of the name of the list view. Then you will see a dropdown of various list views available for you. Here are some of our pre-defined list views:

  1. Leads – New & Unclaimed (default): Shows you all Leads that have been recently created and assigned to you, and not yet claimed.    
  2. All Leads: Displays all of the leads that have been received, with the exception of rejected leads.
  3. Leads from Marketplace: List of all leads received from the Intel® Solutions Marketplace
  4. Leads - Rejected: List of all of the leads that have been marked as rejected.
  5. Leads - Qualified: List of the leads that have been marked as qualified.
  6. Leads - Working: List of leads that have been claimed or have been contacted. List shows all leads that will need to move towards Qualification or be rejected.
  7. Mass Update View: List view designed to be an easy place to update multiple leads from one screen from the claimed status to the qualified status.

Step 2

How to create a new list view – click "List View" controls icon and "New".

Step 3

Select a name for your list view and click "Save."

Step 4

Click “Filter by Owner” box and change filter to show “All Leads.”

Step 5

To add additional filters, click “Add Filter” underneath the “Filter by Owner” box.


Click the dropdown to select the field you want to filter on. List View filters provide a variety of operators to filter by such as time, name, date, etc.

For a complete list of operators, visit: 

Step 6

Once you’ve selected your filters, you can choose to display up to 15 fields in your list view.

To add or remove fields, click the “List View Controls” icon, and click “Select Field to Display.” Then select from the list on the left which fields you would like displayed using the arrow icons and click Save.

How to Export a List View

The Intel Partner Portal enables you to create and view customized List Views (see previous section) to help you filter what data you see on your screen.

Additionally, the Portal enables you to export these List Views into a CSV or XLS file for downloading purposes. The advantage of using this functionality is you can customize your columns and filters based on your own requirements.

Step 1

Begin by choosing a List View from the dropdown arrow.

Step 2

Then Click the “Export List View” button.

Step 3

Once you’ve clicked the button, select the List View you would like to use and click Export Excel or Export CSV.

Step 4

Once you’ve downloaded the file, click to open it. Be sure to click “Yes” in Excel if prompted as seen below.