Contacted Status and Next Steps

Notifying the Intel Partner Lead Portal of leads who responded to your attempts to contact.

Step 1

This Lead has been “Contacted” by you and ready to be further qualified or rejected.

Step 2

Continue attempting to contact the Lead until they become engaged in a conversation; we recommend at least four contact attempts within 30 days.

Once you establish contact with the Lead, checkbox the “Contact Established – Engaged” field by clicking the pencil icon to the right of the field. Then check the box and hit "Save."

Step 3

If you determine the Lead is “Qualified”, click the “Mark Status as Complete” button (note: please ensure the “Contact Established” field is check boxed first). A Lead is considered “Qualified” if they will be moving forward in a sales process, or you will be keeping them as a marketing contact in your database.

Step 4

If the Lead was unreachable or not qualified, click the “Reject” button and mark appropriate “Reject Reason.” Note: you can reject a Lead at any point during the lead process.