Alerts for New Lead Arrival

Leads generated by Intel partner marketing efforts will be distributed to you through the Intel Partner Leads Portal. Email notifications will alert you to new incoming leads.

Partner Lead Portal Alerts

The Intel Partner Lead Portal sends a variety of email alerts to notify you of newly created Leads. Here are the alerts you can expect:

1. New Lead Alerts

  • New Individual Lead Alert - when a new individual Lead is created, you will be notified via email. This email will provide high-level details about the new Lead and a link to click and view the Lead directly in the Portal.
  • Multiple New Leads Alert – if you receive a more than five Leads in one day, you will receive a single email the next day giving you a summary of all the Leads and a link to the Portal.

2. Reminder Notification Alerts

  • There will be reminder notification emails sent to you if you haven’t dispositioned your Leads within a time period.