Design Registration Bulk Upload Process


The Bulk Upload Feature allows you to upload multiple Design Registrations or make several edits to existing Design Registrations all at once. The Bulk Upload Template is linked below, so you always have access to the latest template version.

Batched Design Registrations are viewable as soon as they are uploaded, allowing you to review them immediately, and they are editable until approved. Intel Representatives receive email notification of these Design Registrations, once submitted.

Key Points and Reminders

  • Once the template is filled out, you must save it as a .csv file to maintain the UTF8 format prior to upload.

  • Owner field should be left blank. The email of the importer will be auto populated during the upload.

  • Dates need to be in US date format (mm/dd/yyyy).

  • Columns can be rearranged in the template, but the column names cannot be altered nor can there be columns without a column name.

  • Dependencies on available products may be determined by Vertical Market selection.