Product and Performance Information

1As measured by unique features of Intel Evo designs such as high performing Intel® Core™ CPUs, premium components, unmatched compatibility, and the latest connectivity solutions in sleek innovative designs. All Intel Evo branded designs must meet demanding thresholds for key mobile user experiences like responsiveness and battery life; individual device performance may vary. See for details.
2Based on verified real-world battery life of Intel Evo designs while performing typical workflows in a realistic environment within average daily usage scenarios. Individual system results may vary. See for details.
3Versus standard Wi-Fi. See for details. Results may vary.
4Lighting correction not available on all SKUs. Check with system manufacturer for specification details.
5Superior performance as compared with previous generation.
6Currently only available on eligible Intel® Evo™ designs on Windows-based PCs and only pairs with Android- or iOS-based phones; all devices must run a supported OS version. See for details, including set-up requirements. Results may vary.
7Face tracking available on Windows-based systems only. Face tracking not available on all SKU’s. Check with system manufacturer for specification details.