Reimagining Air Mobility

The next revolution in aviation is on the horizon. After powered flight and the jet aircraft, today high automation, autonomy, and electric propulsion give rise to the Jetsons, where humans and goods are zipped across urban skies in flying cars. Realizing advanced air mobility requires enabling technologies that are yet to be fully demonstrated, including avionics systems that are robust enough to operate as situationally-aware pilots, both in the presence and absence of human operators. Daedalean, in partnership with Intel, is inventing the foundational technologies that are driving progress toward autonomy. In doing so, Daedalean and Intel, together, are bridging the gap between the aerospace and defense (A&D) industry and the field of artificial intelligence (AI), starting with reengineering the airborne electronic systems that provide intelligence in the cockpit. The following paper has been written in a collaboration between Intel and Daedalean.