Intel and Softtek Announce Partnership to Drive Digital Transformation in the Americas

The focus will be on advanced artificial intelligence solutions, enterprise systems and cloud.


  • June 12, 2024

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Blanca Treviño (left), president and CEO of Softtek, and Gisselle Ruiz Lanza, vice president of the Sales and Marketing Group and general manager for Latin America at Intel, celebrate a strategic partnership that combines Intel's expertise in advanced technologies with Softtek's track record of providing world-class enterprise solutions.

MONTERREY, Mexico, June 11, 2024 – Intel and Softtek, a company dedicated to helping its clients evolve through digital technology, have joined forces to accelerate digital transformation in businesses across Latin America and the U.S. The strategic partnership combines Intel’s expertise in advanced technologies with Softtek’s track record of providing world-class enterprise solutions.

“Latin America is a major hub of innovation,” said Gisselle Ruiz Lanza, vice president of the Sales and Marketing Group and general manager for Latin America at Intel. “We want to invest more in the region to fuel its ecosystem, which is a big mission. That’s why partnerships like the one we signed today with Softtek are crucial for Latin American companies to grow and bring their products and services to more organizations, both within and outside the region.”

Digital transformation will continue to be a priority for Latin American businesses in the coming years. According to the 2023 Think Digital Report survey by Inesdi Business Techschool, 16% of companies began their transformation six years ago or more, compared with 11% in 2022. Additionally, 72% of companies that had not yet started the process intend to do so in 2024.

The goal of any digital transformation journey is to increase organizational competitiveness. It involves adopting cloud-based solutions and maximizing the power of artificial intelligence (AI).

Intel has an extensive portfolio of solutions to enhance performance, scalability, and efficiency of enterprise systems, cloud environments and AI workloads. Softtek has the consultative capability, service models and geographic coverage to bring these solutions to a wide range of organizations in the Americas.

“Together with Intel, we can help our clients improve performance, optimize costs and create future-ready solutions,” said Blanca Treviño, president and CEO of Softtek. “In this first phase, we will focus on artificial intelligence, enterprise systems, infrastructure and cloud.”

With regards to artificial intelligence, Softtek is currently one of the region's leading partners for the use of specialized architectures, such as Intel® Gaudi® AI accelerators, which are specifically designed to bring a new level of productivity advantages and options to generative AI in data centers. Additionally, the company is using Intel’s openVINO™ toolkit to optimize its deep learning models.

In enterprise systems solutions, Softtek uses Intel’s open standard oneAPI to optimize workloads, providing clients with optimized programming libraries and tools to identify workflow bottlenecks. On the infrastructure side, Intel supports the alliance with hardware solutions from the edge to data centers, including Intel® Core™, Intel® Core™ Ultra and Intel® Xeon® processors.

In cloud solutions, Intel advises Softtek on the instances on which their workloads run, making recommendations to improve performance or reduce costs by switching instances. Intel and Softtek can also collaborate with other workload optimization tools directly on the code.

This alliance will integrate both companies’ solutions to offer higher-value technologies and combine their years of industry experience to provide businesses with a competitive edge and drive their business strategies.

Both Intel and Softtek have a significant presence in Latin America, with decades of activity in the region. Softtek has been providing solutions to enable Intel’s operations since 2015. This is the second agreement Intel has signed with a Latin American company, underscoring the region’s relevance to its business.

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