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Intel Social Media Practitioner Guidelines

Intel supports transparency. We are committed to ensuring that our social media practitioners (including blogs, Facebook, Twitter*, forums and any other social media) clearly disclose relationships and endorsements, and that statements about Intel products are truthful and substantiated.

If you are a social media practitioner who has been seeded with product, incentivized, or otherwise has an ongoing relationship with Intel, these guidelines apply to you. If you have any questions or concerns regarding these guidelines, please get in touch with your Intel sponsor.

Rules of Engagement for Intel Sponsored, Seeded, or Incentivized SMPs

Be transparent. Intel supports transparency about your identity and relationship to Intel. We are committed to ensuring that our sponsored social media practitioners (including blogs, microblogs, forums, and any other social media) clearly and conspicuously disclose their relationship to Intel, including incentives and sponsorship. Please be sure this information is readily apparent to the public and readers of each of your posts. For tweets where space is limited, use the hashtags #Paid or #Ad.

Write about your experience. Please talk specifically about your experiences with our products and services instead of making general product claims that you aren’t as familiar with. Be honest and accurate.

Write what you know. We encourage you to write in the first person and stick to your area of expertise as it relates to Intel technology.

Your responsibility. Keep in mind that what you write is your responsibility and failure to abide by these guidelines (including failure to disclose your relationship to Intel) could put your Intel sponsorship or incentive at risk. Also please always follow the terms and conditions for any third-party sites in which you participate.

Moderation Guidelines for Intel Sponsored, Seeded, or Incentivized SMPs

Intel monitors social media related to our business, including the activities of our sponsored, seeded, or incentivized SMPs. We are committed to transparent, truthful and accurate representation of Intel products.

If we find any statements or claims that are false or misleading, we will contact you for correction. If, as a sponsored SMP, you are found to consistently and repeatedly fail to disclose your relationship to Intel, or make false or misleading statements about Intel, Intel products, or Intel services, we may discontinue our relationship with you.

The full social media guidelines created for Intel employees can be viewed here.

Last updated: March 2016