Now Hiring: Security Researchers

Within Intel there are 110 Security Center of Excellence employees. We are searching for one more.



At Intel, we make amazing experiences possible. The breadth of our technologies are just tremendous. They range from devices to cloud computing, to drones to autonomous driving. At the Security Center of Excellence, we work to stay ahead of the threats and deliver the technologies and support of these products.

My favorite part of working at Intel is their understanding that what you are doing really matters. Intel is where technology begins, one of the most influential companies in the IT world.

Security researchers are challenging because we get to work at the very core of technology that other products are using. The charges here are that we're not just scratching the surface, as you would in application security, for example. But we get to dig very deep into the core of the CPUs [INAUDIBLE].

I have freedom to influence technologies, freedom to do like what I believe is more impactful for Intel. And freedom to go and present that to the world, like really showing to the communities, other companies, and peers around the industry what I'm doing and how this is actually important.

As a part of my role, I ensure that all the products that are going out of Intel are secure for the current threats and the threats in the future. It's amazing because I get to learn new things every day.

If you're a leader in security looking to stay on the forefront of technology, come join us at the Security Center of Excellence.