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Associate's Degree

Associate's Degree  |  Bachelor's Degree  |  Master's Degree  |  MBA  |  PhD

With a technical associate's degree, you can play a key role in our manufacturing success. Check out our Where do I fit? module to determine the career path that is best for you.

From semiconductor process development and yield improvement to test, optimization, packaging and facilities—as an Intel manufacturing and engineering technician you can always be learning, always improving your career. In our fast-pace environment you will master technologies that can help you advance quickly.


Intel has invested more than USD 36 billion in manufacturing research and equipment, so every day at work is a learning experience. You can play an important role in producing smaller, faster, more efficient chips. It is a great way to put your skills and talents to the test.

Thinking of continuing your education? You may be eligible for financial assistance for work-related courses or advanced degrees. Tuition assistance covers up to 100 percent of reimbursable costs, including tuition and other expenses.


Work is important, but there's more to life. Our compressed work week schedules offer you generous time off to pursue hobbies, sports, and family activities. For example you may work three 12-hour days, then enjoy four consecutive days off. Then the following week, you could work four days with three days off.

This is what we mean when we say: your career, on your terms.