Intel appreciates the time and energy you've poured into earning your MBA degree. While you're assessing all the opportunities available to you in the workplace, consider the following questions and information to see if you'd like to continue developing your skills and building a future with Intel.

  • Do you have a passion for technology and look forward to creating new technologies that will change peoples' lives?
  • Are you ready for responsibility and the chance to make an immediate impact?
  • Do you have creative ideas and unique approaches that you want to see in action?
  • Are you looking for an opportunity to create and continuously re-create your career path, without having to change companies?

From semiconductor process development and yield improvement to test, optimization, packaging, and facilities—as an Intel manufacturing and engineering technician, you can always be learning, always growing your career. In our fast-paced environment, fueled by continuous innovation, you'll master technologies that will help you advance quickly.


Start making a difference now

At Intel, we see MBAs as the future leaders of our company, so we're always seeking out the top students from the best schools. We look for candidates with solid work experience, especially those who thrive in dynamic environments and enjoy challenging the status quo. We quickly allow MBAs to "own" products, projects, and business strategies, all of which have an impact on our bottom line. At Intel, you'll have the opportunity to play a vital role in launching new products or influencing large companies in technology solutions and buying decisions.


Map your own career path

As an MBA, you'll find unlimited opportunities to use your education and experience at Intel. Tackle new challenges on a daily basis and continue to enhance your skills on cross-functional project teams where you'll learn from many diverse Intel professionals. Regardless of where you start at Intel, you'll always be able to shift directions as your goals and interests change. Take a look at our rotational programs for MBAs, or check out our Where do I fit? module to determine the career path that's best for you.

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