Master's Degree

Congratulations! You've put yourself a level ahead by diligently pursuing an advanced degree. Now it's time to partner your academic knowledge with real-life business experience and take your learning and skills to the next level. Intel has exciting career opportunities where you can do just that.

Check out our Where do I fit? matrix to understand how your major and degree fit in with our career opportunities.

As a graduate with a master's degree, you'll quickly become a leader at Intel. You'll be expected not only to lead teams, but also to identify problems and drive them to resolution. Basic training will help guide you through Intel values and culture, but we'll rely on your education and experience to drive positive change.

Keeping your skills and education ahead of the curve is crucial to your career success. Intel offers an environment where you can continue to grow, develop new skills, and gain more experience in the technology industry. Start your career where innovation changes everything.