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In 2011, our former CEO, Paul Otellini, joined the President's Council on Jobs and Effectiveness. In June of that year, he reported out a strategy proposed by the High Tech Education Team aimed at increasing the number of engineering graduates in the United States. Part of that strategy included a commitment from Intel, and many other companies, to double the internships we offer engineering students. We believe offering internships to students, early in their academic careers, will give them needed exposure to hands-on engineering work that will help them stay motivated to complete an engineering degree.

In 2012, Intel introduced new programs specifically designed to meet the spirit of our CEO’s commitment to the Jobs Council.  These programs targeted freshmen and sophomore students at multiple universities and community colleges* across the US to help connect students’ curriculum to real-world applications.

We are pleased to announce that, in addition to our traditional Intel internships, the following programs will continue in 2013!

Intel Ultimate Engineering Experience (IUEE)

The Intel Ultimate Engineering Experience (IUEE) is uniquely designed to provide hands-on technical engineering experience through a variety of technical skill development activities, team based project work, competitions, professional skill development, networking and social activities.

Training in engineering design and communications is also covered; students can expect to gain valuable training, such as working towards building a design prototype.

We will offer the IUEE near our main Intel campuses and the sessions will run part time over the summer in six-week sessions.

Intel Collaborators

Intel Collaborators is an exciting new intern program* designed to form collaborative inter-disciplinary teams of undergraduate and graduate students and challenge them to solve real-world technical problems, innovate new solutions for the future, and potentially create new designs, products, and/or services for Intel's internal and external customers.

We aim to bring bright minds with varying backgrounds together to harness the group's collective brainpower for solving, innovating and creating these new solutions. Each team, guided by senior technical mentors and leaders, will be assigned to a business group where a current challenge exists!

This is a full-time internship approximately three months in duration, and will have projects that will vary.

Traditional Internship Program

In addition to the new, special internship programs, Intel still offers traditional internships. These internships are open to students of any age, and include business, engineering, and science programs at the Bachelors, Masters and PhD level.

No matter which internship you choose, you'll be an important part of a global, multidisciplinary team that's working on critical, world-altering technology — technology that's changing the way people live, work, and play.

Learn more about our traditional Intel Internships and apply.

Still have questions? Check out our US Student FAQs.

The University Arch Partnerships

The University Arch Partnerships program* is a collaboration with universities to expand programs targeted to incoming freshman. While programs vary from university to university, the goal is to introduce incoming freshmen to the university, build a community and provide them with the skills and knowledge to succeed. In addition to helping them understand the academic requirements of the university, many programs focus on ensuring the participant's math and science skills are up to par to compete successfully in their freshmen year classes.

* Note: Intel is partnering with select local community colleges and universities to identify the right freshmen and sophomore students to participate in these programs over the summer. To explore internships with Intel that are open to all students, please explore our traditional internship programs and postings.

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