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Hillsboro, Oregon

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Fast facts: The site

Located 30 minutes from downtown Portland, Intel Oregon is the largest and most complex site in the world, a global center of semiconductor research and manufacturing, and the largest private employer in the state.

Intel Oregon offers a state-of-the-art wafer fabrication development and manufacturing campus dedicated to Intel® chip designs and processes. It is also home to the world's first 300 mm Research and Pathfinding Laboratory, where employees develop silicon technologies that are two to three generations ahead of Intel's current manufacturing processes, and develop new ways to make digital technologies easier to use, faster, and more fun.

Calling all PhD students

Intel Hillsboro is home to Logic Technology Development, Components Research, and Design and Technology Solutions groups. These groups hire primarily PhDs and are responsible for developing the world’s most advanced integrated circuit technologies and designing key components of microprocessor products.

The types of PhD jobs generally open in these groups include: Process Development Engineer, Device Physicist, Circuit Design, TCAD Modelling/Simulation, and Yield and Material Analysis. The types of student degrees that these groups look for include: PhD Electrical Engineering, PhD Material Science, PhD Chemical Engineering, PhD Chemistry, PhD Physics.

Cool stuff at Intel Hillsboro

In addition to our many benefits and programs, employees get a bunch of other perks! Here's a peek at some of the cool stuff that makes Intel Hillsboro a great place to work.

  • State-of-the-art fitness centers (including personal trainer sessions)
  • Sports courts and fields, and activity clubs (basketball, walking/jogging path, volleyball)
  • Indoor recreation amenities (billiards, gaming consoles, ping pong, rec room, table football/foosball, TVs)
  • Pampering amenities (massage chairs and onsite massage services)
  • Cafes with free fruit, drinks, and popcorn
  • Convenience store, dry cleaning, ATMs, onsite car wash services, community garden
  • Health for Life Center (onsite healthcare for employees), Weight Watchers sessions, blood pressure machines, and nursing mother rooms
  • Family Fun Night events, employee discount programs
  • "Beyond the Cube" series featuring world-class outside speakers inside Intel
  • Networking platforms where employees can connect with each other

Caring for our planet and inspiring the next generation

Intel hires students and graduates from Portland State University.

Intel Oregon provides support for education-related programs. In 2010, Intel invested $1.3 million in K-12 education in Oregon and $727,000 in higher education. This includes funds generated from the Intel Involved Matching Grants Program. When Intel employees volunteer in classrooms, they generate a $10 Intel Foundation match for every hour of volunteerism.

Intel Oregon continues to expand its solar investment. The photovoltaic arrays offset power consumed at the facility, and as a side benefit, provide covered parking for cars and electric vehicle charging stations.

With the Intel Foundation match, the total 2010 contribution to local charities through Intel's Community Giving campaign in association with United Way of the Columbia-Willamette was $6.8 million.

Intel Oregon has been recognized by the United Way with several awards, such as the Largest Total Employee Giving Campaign Award, the Largest Corporate Gift and Campaign Chair Award, and the Corporate Leadership Award.