2022 Placement Scheme Opportunities

Intern Life

Our Intern Community

Approximately 50 interns are hired each year over many different departments, including Sales, Business Operations, Engineering, Marketing, HR and more. Although each intern is part of a team, the intern community provides them with support, guidance and friendship, making the transition from university to the workplace smoother.

Many of the interns are from different universities all over the UK therefore the interns often share housing. Living with other interns also allows you to explore your new location together in your free time.

Although the majority of our interns are hired to work at the Swindon site, there are also intern opportunities at other sites including Marlow, Basingstoke.


We offer our interns a competitive compensation package, including a market-leading salary. You will also be entitled to the company’s two types of bonuses: the quarterly profit bonus and the annual performance bonus subject to guidelines. In addition to this you would receive a £1000 starting bonus as a welcome to Intel, and a £1000 finishing bonus if you complete your placement, as a thank you for your hard work.
You would also receive 24 days paid holiday (per annum) and 2 paid study days.

Other benefits include free hot and cold drinks, free fruit and even free sports and subsidised use of leisure facilities at the Marriott Hotel, Swindon.

Intel prides itself on being an being a great place to work which is why we invest heavily in our One Intel Events and Experiences programme, our corporate-wide initiative that focuses on fun events for employees. Through the scheme Intel has set up fitness classes, a games room and beauty facilities, as well as events such as barbeques and holiday festivities which also encourage friends and family to get involved. The onsite and local benefits vary at sites outside of Swindon.

Intern Committees

Within this network the interns have set up a number of different committees which you can become a part of.

The Sports and Social committee (SAS) has set up a variety of social events and different sports teams including netball and football. These events include social nights, meals and even weekends away to socialize within the intern community. The sporting clubs also provide interns the chance to participate in the annual corporate games, a sporting competition across some of the biggest global companies.

The Publishing committee keeps the interns up-to- date with news and events by creating a bi-weekly newsblast that interns contribute to. They also create memorabilia, such as year books and leavers hoodies for the Interns to remember what great times they had during their placement.

The Charity committee set up events like quizzes and film nights, the proceeds of which go to a charity chosen by the interns. This is another great way to socialise with other interns as well as raising money for a good cause.

The Inspire committee was set up to encourage students into STEM by running STEM related activities for local schools. This gives interns the opportunity to manage events external to their core responsibilities and develop skills they may not find in their job role. Interns find this a fun way of bringing volunteering into the intern community and beyond. 

Handover Period

At the start of your internship, the current intern in your role will walk you through your responsibilities as an intern. This is dedicated training for you during your first weeks at the company to make your transition into work easier.

The current intern will also help you build your network, answer any questions and integrate you into your position.

This period also contains several social events and networking activities to ensure you have the best start to your placement, including a handover ball and beach party.

Most interns find this the most enjoyable part of their internship, from learning their own job role to training someone else and gives you mentoring skills you rarely find elsewhere.