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We're a global corporation and we have incredible opportunities everywhere. So, step inside our world and find out where we do what we do to improve how people work, live, and play.

Fast Facts: The Site

Acting as the official headquarters for Intel Russia, Moscow hosts the majority of corporate finance, government relations, legal and other support functions. Intel leads and plays an active role in the Information Technologies development and distribution in the Russian Federation.

Historically, the Intel Russia site at Moscow started with a sales and marketing office in 1991. In 2007, our Intel Moscow offices were consolidated into a multi-purpose scientific and administrative center.

Our sales and marketing team develops and deploys sound strategies to provide world-class sales and marketing support at the OEM, developer and end-user levels for all of Russia.

Our Moscow research and development team, focuses on developing:  

  •     Compiler technologies
  •     Java* technologies
  •     Linux* core software development
  •     Media libraries
  •     Logic validation
  •     Performance verification
  •     Physical design and CAD research

Cool Stuff at Intel Russia—Moscow

In addition to our many benefits and programs, employees get a bunch of other perks! Here's a peek at some of the cool stuff that makes Intel Moscow a great place to work.

  • Free fruit and drinks
  • Pampering amenities (massage chairs)
  • Table Tennis, bicycles and showers for employee use
  • Convenience services (book and DVD exchange), and employee discount programs
  • Social networking channels where employees can connect with each other

Caring for our planet and inspiring the next generation

Intel Russia contributes to their community through their technological expertise in areas like education and environmental responsibility.

Through the Intel® Teach Program, Intel Russia employees train primary and high-school teachers to use technology effectively in the classroom so students are prepared to compete in today's technical world.

Intel has established relationships with placement centers at universities and other educational institutions located in Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk and many other Russian cities.

Intel IT's data center in Russia hosts about a thousand servers. To improve energy efficiency of the data center, it uses external cold air to cool the data center during winter, and uses the heat from servers to warm the office area.