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At Intel in Russia, we have offices in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod offering an array of career opportunities. Intel Nizhny Novgorod serves as a center of research and development where we develop software products that help solve complex problems in data analysis and processing, artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, the optimization of microarchitectures, multimedia processing, and computer vision. With a job at Intel Russia, you will join an international team of world-class developers working with technologies that benefit the lives of millions.

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Life at Intel

Our employees' passion for innovation drives new technologies that solve real-world challenges across the globe.

Olga - Software Engineering Manager

"Working with the brightest minds is inspiring and motivates to never stop learning something new.”

Rostislav - Software Development Engineer

"I feel that at Intel I have limitless opportunities to make the world better and better every day."

Olga - Program Manager

"Here at Intel we believe that everyone contributing is what makes a big impact."

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Alexey - Deep Learning R&D Engineer

“People are the key. There are a huge number of employees working at Intel whom you can learn from. Most of them have unique expertise, so working with them is a real gift for a newbie in engineering.”

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Life in Nizhny

Benefits that go above and beyond

Our total rewards package goes above and beyond just a paycheck. Whether you're looking to build your career, improve your health, or protect your wealth, we offer generous benefits to help you achieve your goals.

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Preparing for the Interview