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Intel Romania grants scholarships every year to outstanding students from selected universities, academic colleges, and technical colleges throughout the country. We are committed to encouraging outstanding students to engage in university programs and work towards their graduation in projects relevant for the future of Information Technology.

About the program

The Intel Romania Scholarship Program is coordinated once a year through selected universities and colleges. It is designed to attract, encourage, and support the best students working on their Bachelor Graduation Projects.  Intel engineers provide mentoring and support to the students for the entire scholarship period.

Program objectives

  • Provide financial assistance to outstanding students
  • Increase retention in study programs related to Information Technology industry
  • Establish and strengthen relationships with selected universities


To be eligible for the Intel Romania Scholarship, an applicant must:

  • Be in good standing at the university
  • Be a full-time student in a local university Bachelor program studying in the fields of Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or related fields
  • Not hold any other scholarship from other companies or organizations

How to apply

Topics supported with Intel Scholarships are published each year on the Diplodocus website. Candidates must register their proposals on the website during October and early November, when the website is open for applications.

Note: Scholarship recipients are not guaranteed employment at Intel, and this scholarship program is not in any way associated with employment at Intel Corporation. Intel's hiring practices are based on business needs and other factors.

Selection Process

Scholarship proposals from eligible students are analyzed in November by a Scholarship Selection Committee. The committee selects the students that will be receiving the scholarships based on the following application details:

  • Scholarship application description and link to the topic proposed by Intel
  • Student resume and references from professors

Scholarship structure

Each scholarship package includes:

  • Scholarship Amount
  • Partnership with a senior employee to mentor and guide your studies and career planning

Scholarship conditions:

  • All scholarships are granted from February to June, for the entire period the students prepare their Graduation Projects.
  • Students must maintain eligibility requirements to receive Intel scholarship funding for the entire period of the scholarship.
  • An extension beyond the maximum for continuing education scholars may be considered at the discretion of the Intel Romania Management and the Scholarship Selection Committee.

What do our mentors think about this program?

“I always enjoyed working with students, and this is the reason why I started my professional career with an academic track. When Intel opened the scholarship program for students, it was a great opportunity for me to connect the engineering experience and taste for innovation we have at Intel with the passion and creativity of the students. We drove the exploration projects in the area of Perceptual Computing where we enhanced the Human-Computer Interaction using state-of-the art technologies for gesture-based interfaces.”  - George - Mentor, Open Source Software Pathfinding Technical Lead

What do the students think about this program?

"I had the opportunity of receiving an Intel scholarship for working on my diploma project in the last year of my undergraduate studies focusing on mobile security. I benefited from technical mentorship from one of the engineers at Intel Romania and had the possibility to work in the Intel Student Open Lab within University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest. In was a great experience for me from which I have learned a lot of new things, particularly given the fact that this was my first contact with this type of professional environment. In addition, it has made me aware of the many opportunities in this this field and eventually led to my applying for an internship within Intel.” Alexandru - Mentee, Scholarship Program 2013

Scholarships 2014

  • Algorithms for multimodal human-computer interaction
  • Android error monitoring service
  • Gesture Recognition - performance analysis research project
  • Video Analytics – algorithms research project
  • A safer implementation for Diffie-Hellman using Multipath TCP for mobile devices
  • Optimizing power consumption for the network on mobile phones with Android
  • Application for monitoring/visualizing the WiFi environment