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Graduate Internships

Graduate Internships 

Intel Romania's Graduate Internship Program hires students enrolled in their last year of their Bachelor program or in their Master’s program. The program is designed to give students real-world experience and improve their technical and soft skills.

Interns at Intel are fully integrated members of the teams they join, with opportunities to apply their ideas to challenging, hands-on projects. Participants become familiar with Intel culture and products via in-house training, as well as group activities.

The Benefits

Intel Romania internship benefits include:

  • Competitive compensation
  • An opportunity to gain valuable, hands-on industrial experience
  • Excellent training in the latest technologies
  • A chance to develop strong communication, teamwork, and problem solving skills
  • The ability to relate and apply knowledge gained to the remainder of schoolwork
  • An inside view of Intel's work environment
  • A chance to make more informed choices about career direction
  • Opportunities to meet and network with Intel managers regarding future career

“Being a student in a technical university and having a lot of theoretical notions, Intel offered me the chance of putting my knowledge to work in a competitive and professional environment. Working as an intern in Intel helped me improve and develop some important skills like communication, teamwork and problem-solving. From my point of view the most important opportunities are working with people having different cultures, working and learning from senior engineers and participating in different courses for professional and personal development” - Andreea, Intern Yocto Development Team