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At Intel Romania, we are interested in helping you find work that is just right for your skills and aspirations. Because when you find a career that fits, inspiration accelerates.

If you are student, read about the special programs designed to help you to start the career of your dreams at Intel. Here, you will enjoy market-competitive compensation and a career that is yours to manage throughout your work life.

Graduate Internships

Graduate Internships

Graduating from a Bachelor program soon, or studying for your Master or PhD degree? Perfect! Intel can help you make the most of your education. Continuing development, and the rewards of working with a global technology leader—with all this, you will do more than you dreamed.

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Summer Internships

Summer Internships

It's been said that one never stops learning. Truer words have never been spoken, especially if you have an Intel internship. You’ll gain hands-on experience while you complete your degree and real-life exposure to challenging and rewarding work. Put your education to work—accelerate your career!

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Get hands-on experience. Intel Romania Scholarship Program is designed to provide students with mentoring and support to help you build the future. Intel is committed to encouraging outstanding students to engage in university programs and work toward their graduation in projects relevant for the future of Information Technology.

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Next Steps

Next Steps

You've done your research and decided that Intel provides the right environment and opportunities for you. Now, let us help you take the next steps. Learn more about:

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