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Pakistan Locations


Intel's sales and marketing office in Karachi provides world-class sales and support at the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), developer and end-user levels.

The primary responsibilities for Intel's sales and marketing team in Pakistan include:

  • Delivering innovative products to consumer and OEM markets 
  • Driving Intel's initiatives, technologies, products and services into the marketplace 
  • Creating demand for Intel's products 
  • Driving the market to recognize Intel's role in the Internet at the OEM, developer and end-user levels

Enjoying life in Karachi

Pakistan's largest city, Karachi, is a multicultural metropolis that has been experiencing a rapid growth spurt for decades. This population growth has been the cause of incredible development in homes, high-rises, hotels and shopping centers. Karachi has an overwhelming range of restaurants and cafes to choose from. It even has its own film festival, the Karachi International Film Festival, the only competitive film festival in all of Pakistan.

Karachi, a colorful city blending the old and new elements of Pakistan, has plenty of its own art and attractions. Its beaches offer opportunities for lounging, boating and fishing. The city's mosques and churches are an interesting mix of architectural styles. And its markets and bazaars selling rugs, fine garments and other goods, particularly in Saddar, the city's center, are a great chance to get a feel for the country's unique and kaleidoscopic sights, sounds and flavors.