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The Internet of Things (IoT) is a fast paced and an exciting new area in technology. IoT enables intelligence in edge devices that was not previously possible and connects them to the cloud in a way that allows meaningful data analytics. From keeping energy usage to a minimum in connected buildings to allowing smart cities to understand which areas suffer most from air pollution - the Internet of Things allows us to create a better place to live.

At Intel, we believe that a workforce made up of people with unique experiences, varied points of view, and diverse skills makes us a stronger company. The impact our technologies have on people’s lives around the world is a direct result of our diverse employees. Inclusion is the ground where innovation takes root. We seek to attract the best talent, and once at Intel, we work hard to ensure that every employee has opportunities to thrive and achieve their goals without cultural, gender, or racial barriers to impede their progress.

Intel's IoT and Wearables group in Ireland is expanding; we are passionate about extending technology into the IoT and Wearables world - we have already had huge success with our Galileo Board, Intel® Quark™ SoC and just recently released our newest module, Intel® Curie™ SoC. That's why we are looking for game-changing graduate, junior and senior engineers to expand our current team and passionate leaders to drive development and strategy.

2016 CES: Highlights of Intel CEO Brian Krzanich's Keynote

See what happens when Intel Curie™ meets the BMX bike! Intel Curie™ is changing the game in the sports arena and making breakthroughs.

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What we Offer You

When you come to work at Intel, you come to work in a collaborative, supportive environment, where your equally brilliant colleagues will push you to be your best. There's no fear of failure-we know that's how innovation happens. And you'll never be bored. 

We also offer: 

  • Competitive benefits and pay (including bonuses)
  • Opportunities for professional development and continuing education 
  • The flexibility you need to achieve balance.

Intel fosters a collaborative environment allowing the brightest minds in the world to come together.

Of course, career development, continuous training and work/life balance are standard. But what's even better is that you will join a small team of engineers who want to change the future. We want to change how people see, interact and use technology to enhance their lives and help make better decisions. The opportunities on our team are endless. As part of the team you will be essential in helping Intel bring these dreams to reality. You will be part of a dynamic team that values everyone's opinion and collaborates to develop the best solutions to the world's challenges. We enjoy playing football at lunch too. 

Apply now to be a key member of our team. We make dreams become reality.


Employee Profile

Richard Dowling Master in Engineering, Musical Maestro. When not fine tuning the latest technology within our IoT (Internet of Things) Solutions Group, Richard can be found playing his bass guitar or drumming with his band.

Richard works as a Product Development Engineer which includes a number of challenging duties including development and debugging of products in the final stages, the statistical analysis of data, test development and optimization.

It is not only Leixlip where Richard has showcased his talents; he also spent time in Munich ensuring the global team is singing off the same hymn sheet. Richard hopes to be Intel’s front man in the future as a Project / Team lead.  

Employee Profile

Julien Carreño, Wearables Group Architecture lead was born and raised in France but is only one quarter French! He uses his Spanish, Scottish and Irish roots to implement Intel’s ground breaking SoC vision, engaging with internal and external customers to define new SoC products based on market and customer needs while understanding challenges and how to solve them.

Already a major part of delivering the Quark X1000, Galileo and Curie Module, Julien chose Intel because of our challenging projects and competitive pay. He is now searching far and wide (even further than Ireland, Spain, France & Scotland!) to expand and grow Intel’s Architecture team even further.

Employee Profile

Karl O’Connor came to us with a Bachelors in Computer Science from Griffith College Dublin. He is a key player in our Firmware Team and wears two hats, one as Scrum Master and the other as a Firmware Engineer. As Scrum Master he is involved in project planning and ensuring the team has no obstacles that prevent them from delivering a quality product. On the other hand, he helps develop low level device drivers for embedded systems.

“The team’s latest project was developing Intel’s first wearable SoC. While the project was extremely challenging it also proved to be equally rewarding when we reached our goal and took some time to review the groundbreaking product we had developed.”- Karl

Karl’s favorite things about working in Intel are their support in funding further education & development. He just completed his Master in Computer Science from UCD this year! Also, he also loves Intel’s stock participation options, bonuses and pension plan.

Working at Intel - What to Expect

At Intel, we know it's what's inside that counts. That's why we want you to meet our people. See who we are, what we do, how we balance life and work, and what we value.  Step into our world and experience Life at Intel for yourself.

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Life at Intel

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If community involvement is important to you, you'll feel right at home at Intel.

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Work / Life Balance

Managing your career and your personal life can be challenging. Intel is committed to making it easier.