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Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD

Technician Internships | Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD Internships

Intel internships give students in recognised third-level schools access to valuable, real-world work experience while providing a strong pipeline for the company's ongoing hiring needs.

Students usually enter our internships during their third year of study and are Intel's first source for graduate hiring. Interns who successfully complete their programs, with the help of assigned Intel mentors, are allocated marks towards their final grades and in some cases receive an industrial certificate from their university.

The Intern Care Program, which is run by Intel's Human Resources group, assists interns with any queries they may have and strives to ensure that their placements are both educational and fun; a variety of events, such as the Intel graduate "Ball and Shadow Days" are always much anticipated. Interns receive the same employee bonuses and training as full time employees of Intel. Each new intern also receives a complete development plan and is assigned a mentor.

Students can apply directly to Intel Ireland or through their placement officer on campus for a variety of internships, including block release, part-time, summer hire, and research opportunities.