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Indonesia Locations


Intel's sales and marketing office in Jakarta provides world-class sales and support at the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), developer and end-user levels.

The primary responsibilities for Intel's sales and marketing team in Indonesia include:

  • Delivering innovative products to consumer and OEM markets 
  • Driving Intel's initiatives, technologies, products and services into the marketplace 
  • Creating demand for Intel's products 
  • Driving the market to recognize Intel's role in the Internet at the OEM, developer and end-user levels

Enjoying life in Jakarta

Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia and the center of its social and political activity, is an exciting multicultural metropolis that never stops moving. With the sun shining most days of the year, there are many opportunities to enjoy snorkeling and diving off its beaches and adventuring in its mountains. The port of Sunda Kelapa offers the stunning sight of its brightly colored ships just offshore, which can be explored more closely on tours. Merdeka Square at the heart of the city is home to the National History Museum featuring dioramas of Indonesian history. Old Batavia, with its Dutch influences, includes the Jakarta History Museum, full of Dutch-style furniture and art. Jakarta also has plenty of shopping and nightlife activity throughout the city.