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Fast Facts: The Site

Intel in Sophia Antipolis is home to the Intel Worldwide Telecom Certification and Engineering Team.

  • The Telecom Certification Team provides telecom certification services for Intel products related to the public telecommunications network. This group is developing best-in-class Internet Edge* products by integrating latest technologies into easily deployable solutions.
  • The Engineering Design Team develops hardware and software profiles for countries worldwide and also performs pre-tests for design validation.

The Intel Mobile Communications (IMC) Lab in Sophia Antipolis conducts research in the areas of embedded memories, audio and speech enhancement technologies, and advanced wireless modems technologies.

Sophia Antipolis is also home to the Intel Wireless Certification Lab. The lab represents 130 countries worldwide and is the centre for standardization, testing, validation, and regulatory certification of wireless network solutions for Wi-Fi and WiMAX.

Cool stuff at Intel France—Sophia Antipolis

In addition to our many benefits and programmes, employees get a bunch of other perks! Here's some cool stuff that makes Intel in Sophia Antipolis a great place to work.

  • Café, restaurant, and catering services
  • Family Fun Night and company events, employee discount programmes
  • Social networking channels where employees can connect with each other 

Caring for our planet and inspiring the next generation

Our passionate commitment to innovation and sustainable business practices is what drives us in our ongoing quest for ever-more energy efficient products, and a smaller ecological footprint.

Intel France is involved in a number of activities and programmes with our local communities and is committed to making positive contributions to them. Large scale education programmes include:

  • The Intel® Teach programme
  • The Intel® Higher Education Programme
  • Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF)
  • Intel Challenge Europe

The Ministry of National Education and the Intel World Ahead Programme have undertaken comprehensive initiatives that are using information and computing technologies to help transform higher education and improve students’ opportunities to succeed.

The Intel World Ahead Programme, in conjunction with French universities, is driving the Student Laptop Initiative to better prepare students for the digital economy. This programme delivers free wireless connectivity in universities, ownership of laptop computers by post-secondary students, and new content and tools to enable professors and students fully integrate ICT into their daily activities.

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