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Technician Internships | Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD Internships | Student Worker

Several Intel manufacturing facilities, in cooperation with participating colleges, offer paid internships for full-time students in specific 2-year electronics and technology programs. These internships offer hands-on technical education and experience and valuable networking opportunities. There are a limited number of internships available, so early application is encouraged.

One of the great advantages of technician internships is the flexible scheduling, designed to work around your school schedule. Our compressed work week offers a 3- or 4-day week that allows time for all your other interests and activities.

We offer internships to students in business, engineering, and science programs at undergraduate and graduate levels. We also offer internships for students at select, two-year technical colleges.

The benefits

Interns are considered valuable members of the Intel team, and therefore may earn many of the benefits available to full-time employees, including:

  • Competitive salaries
  • Vacation and holiday time
  • Access to Intel University classes for professional and personal development
  • Networking with Intel managers and executives

How to qualify

In order to be eligible for Intel's technical college internship, applicants must be:

  • Working toward a specific, full-time degree program, such as semiconductor manufacturing, electronics technology or automation
  • Able to work a minimum number of hours as set by your Intel manager
  • Enrolled in classes and making significant progress toward a degree

How to apply

Intel offers technician internships year-round to students in 2-year technical college programs. Application details are available through the career centers of participating colleges.

Please review the requirements and inquire with your school about receiving credit for your internship before applying.

Note: Applying does not guarantee an intern assignment. Also, an intern assignment does not guarantee regular full-time employment upon completion of a degree program. An Intel interview panel reviews all applicants and then selects all interns. Applicants are screened for communication, interpersonal, and job-related mechanical and technical skills.