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Technician Internships | Bachelor's, Master's, and PhD Internships | Student Worker

Intel Costa Rica offers a unique opportunity for college students who are willing to work part-time to gain quality career experience in high technology.

We offer internships to students in business, engineering, and science programs at undergraduate and graduate levels. We also offer internships for students at select, two-year technical colleges.

The benefits

Intel students are valuable members of the Intel team. Many students qualify for superior benefits, including:

  • Competitive compensation
  • Cafeteria and transportation subsidy
  • Vacation and holiday time
  • Access to professional and personal development courses
  • Opportunities to network with Intel managers and mentors at informational sessions, career fairs, social events, and recreational activities
  • A chance to gain valuable, hands-on experience with a global leader in high technology

In addition to the professional benefits, there are many personal benefits, including:

  • Valuable hands-on experience
  • Development of essential communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills
  • The ability apply Intel experience to the remainder of schoolwork
  • A chance to make more informed choices about career direction
  • An inside view of Intel's work environment, culture, and values

How to qualify

To be eligible for this program, you should:

  • Be enrolled and in good standing in the second year of a university program
  • Maintain a minimum GPA of 80 percent
  • Be willing to work 22.5 to 36 hours per week
  • Have an intermediate level of English proficiency

How to apply

To be considered for a position, please review our Student Worker position. Read the description and determine if you have the qualifications and interest in the position. Click Apply to submit your application. If we find that your skills, education, or experience are a match with our requirements, you will be contacted.

Recruiting activities

Intel Costa Rica's recruiting staff works with some of our best universities. To find out more about Intel's recruiting activities, please contact us via email at crstudents@intel.com.

Please Do NOT send resumes to this email. You must submit your information via our online system to be considered.