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Intel Costa Rica—which first opened in 1997 with an assembly and test plant—now hosts the largest research and development center and one of the most diverse and complex global services centers in the country. These new centers began operating in 2014 and now employ over 1,900 people in highly technical functions such as the design, prototyping, testing, and validation of integrated circuit and software solutions, as well as general corporate services such as finance, human resources (HR), procurement, sales and marketing, and information technology (IT).

Fast Facts: The Site

Intel Costa Rica currently hosts two excellence centers—a Global Service Center (GSC) and a Research and Development Center (RDC).

The Global Service Center includes:

  • Finance Shared Services (accounts payable, fixed assets accounting, expatriate tax accounting, regulatory compliance)
  • Human Resources Shared Services (payroll for the Americas, staffing, travel and relocation, learning and development)
  • Order Fulfillment Services (bank and taxes data management, discounts for early payment)
  • Sales and Marketing Group (sales operations for Latin America Region, or LAR, customers)
  • Latin America Customer Quality (failure analysis, support for LAR clients in adopting new Intel technologies)
  • IT Service Desks (Supply chain, Admin, VIP, ESD and GSM)
  • IT Second Level Support to internal Intel customers, such as Finance and Human Resources

The Research and Development Center includes:

  • CCG (Client Computing Group. Creates platforms to provide better user experiences to the final client)
  • VPG (Visual and Parallel Computing Group—responsible for processing data into information that can be viewed on screens or monitors)
  • MIG (Mix Signal IP Solutions Group—works in circuit design with a specific function)
  • MDO (Manufacturing Development Organization—designs and tests to guarantee the quality of Intel products throughout the high-volume manufacturing process)
  • QBS (Quality Business Systems—develops software and applications required by the Corporate Quality Network)
  • IT Level 3 (web development and IT business intelligence development)

With such a wide variety of functions taking place at Intel Costa Rica, it’s not surprising that it employs people from an equally wide variety of backgrounds, including many fields of engineering, business administration, financial analysis, accounting, and more. Among the fastest-growing groups there are IT, Finance, and the groups within RDC. IT now includes two new business units that began operations in 2015: Information Security Engineering and Product Life Cycle.

If you are interested in learning more details about our Costa Rica site and its initiatives, visit our corporate page.