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International College Training Program

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Our International College Training Program (ICTP) presents international students attending U.S. schools a unique opportunity in global business and technology. After building a solid understanding of our business operations while working in the U.S., you will ultimately relocate to your home country to bring your expertise to Intel’s international operations.

Intel offers an amazing range of opportunities around the world. In China, India, Malaysia, and Vietnam, for example, we're growing rapidly, and the demand for your skills will be very valuable. It's a chance to apply your technical and management acumen to build a successful international career developing next-generation technology alongside other bright minds at the top of our industry.


Intel is a key partner in the development and evolution of China's computing infrastructure. Our design centers, technology labs, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, and sales and marketing operations serve the whole region from locations in Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenzhen. Intel also recently constructed a new facility in Chengdu dedicated to assembly, testing, and microprocessor packaging.

Skill sets in high demand at Intel in China:

  • Firmware/BIOS development
  • Linux kernel development
  • Motherboard research and design
  • Semiconductor engineering and manufacturing
  • Silicon design
  • System development (PC, notebook, server)
  • Thermal mechanical engineering

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The Intel India Development Center (IIDC) in Bangalore is earning a reputation for innovation and quality with over 100 patent filings and more than 1,800 engineers working in hardware, software and services.

Skill sets in high demand at Intel in India:

  • ASIC design
  • Business systems applications
  • Board and FPGA design
  • Post-silicon system, compatibility, and graphics validation
  • RFIC/Analog/Mixed-Signal circuit design
  • Software device drivers and tools development
  • System-on-a-chip VLSI design

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At Intel in Malaysia, more than 8,500 people on three campuses (Penang, Kulim, and Kuala Lumpur) are focused on innovative assembly technology development, VLSI design, and processor packaging. Intel also maintains a sales and marketing office in Malaysia's Multimedia Super Corridor.

Skill sets in high demand at Intel in Malaysia:

  • Architecture simulation and performance analysis
  • Design automation and research
  • Failure analysis, isolation and diagnosis
  • Microprocessor, chipset and memory design
  • System and component level validation
  • System and low-level software (drivers and BIOS)

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How to apply

Go to the Your Candidate Profile page and either register as a New Candidate, or login as a Returning User. Upload your resume to our database, ensure your data is correct, and answer a few questions about your background and interests. In your resume objective, please indicate your interest in "ICTP." If you meet Intel's minimum education and experience qualifications, we will contact you via email.

You may also want to visit our Job Search page. We encourage you to search for and apply to any other Intel jobs that interest you.