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Finance Rotation | Scholarship Program

At Intel, Finance is a full partner in our business decisions. The expertise and skills you gain during your finance rotations will help maximize your ability to influence those decisions. With your understanding of finance fundamentals, you can create a career path that meets your interests, skills, and goals.

Exploring a new position every 18—24 months, you will enhance your effectiveness as a fiscal advisor. Or, you may choose to stay in a position for a longer period to gain additional knowledge in your area of interest.

Make an impact

As a member of Finance, you will work on many challenging projects that allow you to make a significant contribution at Intel. You will be able to:

  • Drive your own career by selecting rotations that meet your personal career goals, and make use of your training and education.
  • Develop a professional network of contacts throughout Intel.
  • Immerse yourself in projects and make leadership contributions early in your career.


How to qualify

We are looking for fast learners with a bachelor's or master's degree in finance or economics, a 3.0 or higher GPA, and an aptitude for quick ramp-up. We also value excellent interpersonal skills, internship experience, and demonstrated leadership ability. 

Where we're located

Finance rotation opportunities are available at all our major sites. Visit our Where do I fit? module to help you identify the right position and location for your interests.

How to apply

Check with your career center to see if we will be visiting your campus. If so, please submit your curriculum vitae (CV) or resume through your career center’s process and complete Your Candidate Profile.

If we don't visit your campus, but you meet Intel's minimum education and experience qualifications, complete Your Candidate Profile and answer a few questions about your background and interests.

You may also want to visit our Job Search page. We encourage you to search for and apply to any other Intel jobs that may interest you.