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We're a global corporation and we have incredible opportunities everywhere. So, step inside our world and find out where we do what we do to improve how people work, live, and play.

Fast Facts: The Site

Intel has had a presence in China for over 20 years and continues to support the evolution of China's computing industry.

To meet increased worldwide demand for our products, Intel began construction in 2007 of Fab 68, a 300mm wafer fabrication facility in the coastal Northeast China city of Dalian, which will produce leading-edge 65nm chipsets for laptop computers, high-performance desktop PCs and powerful servers.

Opened in 2010, this USD 2.5 billion factory is Intel’s first wafer fab in China and is now part of Intel’s manufacturing network that includes factories in the United States, Ireland and Israel.

Cool stuff at Intel China—Dalian

In addition to our many benefits and programs, employees get a bunch of other perks! Here's some cool stuff that makes Intel in Dalian a great place to work.

  • Café with free fruit, drinks, popcorn, and other snacks, plus guest chefs
  • Health for Life Center (onsite health care for employees), and Nursing Mother's Rooms
  • Pampering amenities (onsite massage and massage chairs)
  • Fitness center and bicycle lockers and racks
  • Sports courts and fields, and indoor recreation amenities (basketball, billiards, table football/foosball, table tennis/ping pong)
  • Conveniences services (ATMs, convenience store, umbrellas, eyeglass cleaning, shoe shining machine, shuttle service)
  • Organized clubs and groups, and employee discount programs
  • Social networking channels where employees can connect with each other

Caring for our planet and inspiring the next generation

Intel has a long history of environmental leadership in our products and operations. Demonstrating our dedication to sustainable growth, Intel’s Fab68 in Dalian is designed and built to minimize impact on the environment. Fab 68’s design (watch video) serves as an environmental benchmark for other companies in China.

Employees of Intel China also contribute to their community through their technological expertise in areas like education and environmental responsibility.

Programs that Intel China employees support locally include Intel Walk into Community program, Intel Adolescents Science and Technology Contest, Junior Achievement, Intel Rural Female Teachers Training Program, Environmental Program, and Blood Donation Day.

In our quest to help transform the lives of millions through education, we've been working for over a decade with countries, communities, and schools worldwide to bring the resources and solutions needed for advancing education. We collaborate with governments, policy-makers, and local vendors to turn their vision into reality.