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We are changing the face of technology. To do that, we have gathered some of the most brilliant minds, and we’d like you to join us. Intel of Canada offers a variety of positions working with some of the fastest moving fields in both hardware and software solutions. We’re developing new modem technologies that will enable next level networking, redefine graphics solutions, and create new experiences worldwide. If you would love to work on amazing technology, then Intel is for you.

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We Power a Data-Driven Future


A Day in the Life of a Data Center

With the explosion of data, how can you make your servers work more efficiently? Learn how Intel FPGAs and Intel Xeon processors can help.

Solid State Drives

World’s Densest, Totally Silent Solid State Drive

Fast disappearing from data centers are power-hungry spinning hard disk drives that hum, buzz, run warm (or even hot), require fans and expensive cooling systems, and can crash unexpectedly. Intel’s newest solid state drive, the PCIe-based QLC Intel® SSD D5-P4326, is about the size of an old-fashioned 12-inch ruler, and can store 32 terabytes. That’s equivalent to triple the entire printed collection of the U.S. Library of Congress.

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We're Bringing 5G into the Field

From connected cars to AR/VR, smart homes, industrial applications, and cities - Intel delivers unmatched scale, innovation, and expertise to enable the next generation of wireless products and services.


Not Just a Product, an Evolution

Graphics are a key component in driving computing into the future. This is just the beginning. Join the movement.


Our total rewards package goes above and beyond just a paycheck. Whether you're looking to build your career, improve your health, or protect your wealth, we offer generous benefits to help you achieve your goals.

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