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Brazil Locations

São Paulo

We're a global corporation and we have incredible opportunities everywhere. So, step inside our world and find out where we do what we do to improve how people work, live, and play.

Fast Facts: The Site

The Intel Brazil sales offices in São Paulo work with local PC manufacturers, distribution partners and the software industry. Brazil has become an important hub for the production of PCs, telecommunications equipment, cell phones, car electronics and consumer electronics. Intel works closely with companies in these industries to provide the technical and sales support they need to build successful manufacturing operations in Latin America.

Intel plays an active role in the integration of technology in Brazil, continually investing in technology and education programs to strengthen Brazil's digital future and enable local industry to become more competitive worldwide. Intel initiatives include e-Business Solutions Labs, which help Brazilian companies develop, test and tune e-Business operations and accelerate e-Commerce adoption overall.

Caring for our planet and inspiring the next generation

Intel has been engaged in the local technology industry for many years, increasing local system builder capabilities, participating in government programs to build e-Government capacity, and implementing technology education opportunities for Brazil's teachers, students and engineers.

Intel endorses Brazil's National Program of Microelectronics, signifying its commitment to expanding Brazil's position as a regional leader into that of a world leader in information technology; Intel also supports Brazil's efforts to build computing and communications competency.

Intel Brazil promotes many Intel® Innovation in Education initiatives, funding academic research projects at leading universities and supporting local science fairs, and other projects to improve math and science teaching in elementary and secondary schools. Intel has also recently implemented the Intel® Computer Clubhouse Network at the Instituto Dom Bosco in São Paulo.