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Scholarships Program

Intel in Argentina

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Intel Argentina grants scholarships every year to outstanding students from selected universities, academic colleges, and technical colleges throughout the country. We are committed to encouraging outstanding students to engage in study programs relevant to high technology.

How to apply

The Intel Argentina Scholarship Program is coordinated once a year through selected universities and colleges. We encourage you to contact your school office to determine if your university is participating.

Program objectives

  • Provide financial assistance to outstanding students.
  • Increase retention in study programs related to Information Technology industry.
  • Establish and strengthen relationships with selected universities.

Selection criteria

Applicants must meet these criteria to apply for a scholarship:

  • Authorized to work and live in Argentina without restriction
  • Grades in the top tenth percentile
  • Acceptance and enrollment in a high technology program, as listed in the site program appendix
  • In good standing at the university

Note: Scholarship recipients are not guaranteed employment at Intel, and this scholarship program is not in any way associated with employment at Intel Corporation. Intel's hiring practices are based on business needs and other factors.

Student applications

After you obtain an Intel scholarship application form from your university, you may complete and submit it along with:

  • A one-page presentation letter establishing your career objectives and experiences
  • Academic transcripts

Scholarship structure

  • All scholarships are granted from the selection date until the completion of a specific degree program or the maximum scholarship time allowed.
  • Students must maintain eligibility requirements to receive Intel scholarship funding for each successive term, up to the maximum amount of remaining terms.
  • The maximum duration amount of the scholarships is two years.
  • An extension beyond the maximum for continuing education scholars may be considered at the discretion of the Intel Argentina General Management and the Scholarship Selection Committee.