Employee Groups

Intel strives to provide an environment where employees from diverse backgrounds are valued, respected, challenged, acknowledged, and rewarded so they can achieve their potential and fulfill their career aspirations.

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We encourage employee connection through our network of Intel Chartered Employee Resource Groups. These groups unite around a significant common affinity or element of their personal identity and are focused on internal and external activities that build an environment of inclusion. Through recruiting, networking, mentoring, resource sharing and sponsored development events, our Employee Resource Groups are an important part of our culture and reinforce that Intel as a great place to work.

•  Agnostics and Atheists at Intel (AAI)
•  American Veterans at Intel (AVI)
•  Arab Intel Community (ARABIC)
•  Asian Cultural Integration (ACI)
•  Intel Bangladesh Association (IBA)
•  Intel Bible-Based Christian Network (IBCN)
•  Intel Chinese Employee Network (ICEN)
• Intel Diverse Abilities Network (IDAN)
•  Intel Filipino Employee Network (IFEN)
•  Intel Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, or Transgender Employees (IGLOBE)
•  Intel India Employee Group (IINDIA) – Folsom
•  Intel Iranian Employee Group (IIEG)
•  Intel Jewish Community (IJC)
•  Intel Korean Community (IKC)
•  Intel Latino Network (ILN)
•  Intel Muslim Employee Group (IMEG)
•  Intel Native American Network (INAN)
•  Intel Pakistani Employee Group (IPEG)
•  Intel Parents' Network (IPN)
•  Intel Russian-Speaking Employee Group
•  Intel Sikh Employee Group (ISEG)
•  Intel Vietnamese Group (IVG)
•  Network of Intel African American Employees (NIA)
•  Next (Gen) Professionals Network (RCG NET)
•  Turkish Employee Network (TENI)
•  Women at Intel Network (WIN)