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The Executive Search team invites you to join—and lead—our journey to create technologies that make life better for everyone on Earth. We’re looking for trailblazers who want to pursue their passions, support world-changing initiatives, thrive intellectually, and make a real difference in the world.

Don Cooper

The FPGA market segment is approaching $5 billion in annual sales, and is growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8%. FPGAs are widely used in 3G, 4G, and soon, 5G wireless communications, data centers and the cloud, network function virtualization. We have "very exciting" opportunities just down the road in automated driving."

The Intel Internet of Things is a set of interoperable solutions designed to enable connectivity, manageability and security across devices in a consistent and scalable manner. Explore the Internet of Things with us! 

Let's connect and discuss opportunities!

Don supports Intel's Programmable Solutions, Internet of Things, Network Platforms and Technology and Manufacturing Groups.

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Casey Cunningham

I am always looking for technical talent with 10+ years of direct industry experience in leadership roles. If you are a senior level engineer, architect, manager, director, general manager or vice president, and are interested in a career with Intel, let's connect!

Key skill sets we are seeking (but are not limited to): senior software architects, principal engineers/architects, sales and marketing, equity deal makers, open source, security, finance, information technology (IT) and NAND flash memory.

Casey supports Intel's Finance, Information Technology, Non-Volatile Memory Solutions Group, New Technology Group as well as Intel Capital.

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Kathy Harrison

Kathy leads the Marketing and Operations Team focused on the candidate experience. Her team is responsible for interview scheduling and communications as well as planning and supporting marketing programs to connect industry leaders with Intel leaders.

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Scott Holden

At Intel we are one team - passionate engineers and technologists from diverse industry backgrounds working together to realize a world of connected computing. We are representing a broad spectrum of wireless technologies including RF, Wi-Fi, LTE/LTE-Advanced, Bluetooth, WiGig, GPS/GNSS, 5G to name a few. 

Core & Visual Computing – We strive to expand our leading position in integrated graphics for the PC market with high-end discrete graphics solutions for a broad range of computing segments. This includes differentiated digital IP across computing, graphics, display, media & imaging technologies, and our new edge computing solutions strategy.

Client Computing - Empower the world with the best personal computing experiences from eSports to cutting edge hardware our team is innovating! We are bringing the best ideas from the brightest minds to deliver experiences into the market. Let’s connect to discuss these opportunities!

Intel Labs - We deliver breakthrough innovations to fuel Intel’s growth and technology leadership!

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Chuck Hyder

Intel invents at the boundaries of technology to make amazing experiences possible for business and society, and for every person on earth.  Come join our mission.

Intel's Silicon Engineering Group (SEG), led by Jim Keller, is looking for exceptional leaders and technical talent to help Intel deliver System on Chip (SOC), Cores, and critical IPs to build industry leadership products. 

Intel's Product Assurance & Security Group (IPAS), led by Leslie Culbertson, leads our security-first pledge and drives secure performance leadership across all Intel products.

Intel's Software Group, led by Raja Koduri, is always looking for exceptional leaders to join in the mission to define, develop and deliver systems, and software to delight Intel’s customers and influence the ecosystem to unleash the power of Moore’s law to bring smart, connected devices to every person on earth.

Intel's Law and Policy Group, led by Steve Rodgers, provides legal support to Intel Corporation.  LPG is looking for exceptional legal talent in patent law, tax law, employee law, and government affairs.

Chuck supports Intel's Silicon Engineering Group, Product Assurance and Security Group, Software Group, and Law and Policy Group.

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Kevin Kujawski

Kevin leads a team that actively and proactively assists Intel’s Executive Search organization to source, recruit, and introduce world class executive talent to meet Intel’s business needs. The Executive Sourcing team maximizes sourcing channels and market intelligence to identify, qualify, build, and maintain long-term relationships to deliver the future leaders for Intel.

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Bhavna Madhwal

We are looking for leaders who change the world!

When you work for a company, you should know that your employer is investing in you and that it is doing work you can be proud of. That's why we want to help you grow and make a positive impact on the world. Discover how you could be making a difference at Intel.

What we do in IPSG:
The infrastructure and platform solutions group (IPSG) builds the silicon and platform infrastructure for Intel’s design teams. IPSG is comprised of a reusable pool of infrastructure IP blocks, design enabling services such as tools and automation, and a best-in-class post-silicon ecosystem that ramps quickly to high volume manufacturing and validation. Our primary mission is to protect Intel’s brand by providing the infrastructure necessary to enable all of Intel’s products to hit the market on a dependable and predictable cadence.

Who we are:
Manufacturing Development
Validation, Chipsets and IP Technologies Group (CIG)
Product Enablement Solutions Group (PESG)
Mixed-signal IP Solutions Group (MIG)
Technology Platform Enablement Group (TPG)
Security IP (SECIP), Program Management Office (PMO)

Global supply management in the Technology and Manufacturing Group at Intel Corporation is dedicated to sourcing and supplier development of equipment and materials technologies and is responsible for promoting innovation at Intel to achieve ongoing advancements in performance, affordability, velocity, quality, and sustainability.

Connect with me to explore leadership opportunities in our IPSG and GSM group.

Bhavna supports Infrastructure and Platform Solutions Group and Global Supply Chain Management Group.

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Jeremy Purdy

The Data Center Group (DCG) is at the heart of Intel's transformation from a PC company to a company that runs the cloud and billions of smart, connected computing devices. The data center is the underpinning for every data-driven service, from artificial intelligence to 5G to high-performance computing, and DCG delivers the products and technologies—spanning software, processors, storage, I/O, and networking solutions—that fuel cloud, communications, enterprise, and government data centers around the world.

Are you a possibility thinker? Do you not only see the future of data center but want to roll up your sleeves to make it happen? Then you might have a home in our team of leaders, which is expanding the datacenter space. We are a team of highly motivated, experienced and agile thinkers, who are looking for the right people to join our organization to help drive the execution of our products and solutions.

Our Artificial Intelligence Product Group seeks leaders with expertise in deep learning / machine learning, neuromorphic engineering, data science, algorithm engineering, analytics, and big data.

Our Sales and Marketing Group looks for skilled sales leaders and equity deal makers.

Jeremy supports Intel's Data Center Group, SMG and Artificial Intelligence Group.

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Adriana Quevedo

Adriana Quevedo leads Intel's Executive Recruiting team, and is responsible for connecting industry leaders with Intel opportunities. This team is composed of Executive Recruiters - who engage with the business and ensure their requirements are met; Executive Sourcers who are constantly and proactively sourcing talent; Executive Recruiting Operations who are in charge of the candidate experience and Executive Researchers who map the market and understand availability.

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Mae West

This is the most important year EVER for wireless at Intel!

Passionate engineers and technologists from diverse industry backgrounds working together to release a world of connected computing.

Representing a broad spectrum of wireless technologies including RF, Wi-Fi, LTE-Advanced, Bluetooth, GPS/GNSS to name a few. We are bringing the best ideas from the brightest minds to deliver future mobile experience into the market.

  • Mae supports the Communications and Devices Group. Mobile Technology, Modem & Platform Software, RF and PMIC Development, Wireless Connectivity Solutions, Technology Planning & Strategy, Project management.

Representing Technology and Manufacturing

  • Mae also supports Technology and Development, Manufacturing and Operations

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