Careers in Manufacturing

Manufacturing technicians and specialists are at the heart of Intel's mission to build the world's best processors. They work at our high-tech fabrication facilities worldwide, using the most advanced manufacturing processes and tools. If you enjoy working with the latest technology in a rewarding, fast-paced environment, a career in manufacturing at Intel may be for you.

What You'll Do

Intel's state-of-the-art processes and products give you the opportunity to learn a variety of technical and manufacturing skills, from operations to equipment repair and troubleshooting, in a demanding and challenging production environment.

Our manufacturing technicians and specialists operate, maintain, and repair specialized processing equipment in a clean room environment to keep output high without compromising safety or quality.

Intel lab technicians collect and validate data, support engineering functions, and perform debugs and preventative maintenance.

Our facilities technicians do everything—from managing mechanical systems and electrical distribution to monitoring water purity and waste management—to keep Intel's manufacturing facilities operating to our high standards.

What We Make Possible

Intelligent Fabs
Intel is the world's leading producer of semiconductor products with factories located around the globe. Intelligent fabs are key to Intel's manufacturing leadership.

From Sand to Silicon: the Making of a Chip
Intel employs fascinating processes to build the chips that power many of the world's computers.

What You'll Bring

Our manufacturing technicians need a two-year or four-year technical degree1 in electronic engineering, manufacturing, computer, mechanical, semiconductor, equipment and control, or facilities technology, or technical military training and experience in avionics, electronics, or nuclear fields. We are looking for individuals with skills and experience in:

  • Facilities technology such as water quality and process waste recycling
  • Facilities and production floor planning, safety, and ergonomics
  • Integrated-circuit fabrication (lithography, diffusion, thin films, etch, metalization, CVD, and planarization)
  • Failure and defect analysis
  • Process integration
  • Process design and yield improvement
  • Test and debug techniques
  • Basic electronics, equipment troubleshooting, installation, repair, and operation
  • Semiconductor manufacturing technology
  • Production operations and flow management
  • Package materials design and analysis
  • Packaging and assembly technology
  • Automation software, engineering, and hardware repair
  • Statistics and fault grading

1Manufacturing specialists in Israel need a two-year (PE) or four-year (BSc) technical degree.


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A Job Like Mine

One of the things I love about working at Intel are many of the fun activities we get to look forward to throughout the year. We have summer picnics for the family, a yearly open house, and team-building events each quarter. We also have a challenge that we have to meet for each new development process. If we meet it, we have a BIG event, usually in downtown Portland. ― Licia, Manufacturing Technician, Hillsboro, OR, USA