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Process, Yield, and Equipment Engineering Overview

Intel employs the most advanced chip-manufacturing technology, enabling microprocessors with increased capabilities and performance. Our process, yield, and equipment engineers have a big responsibility here. They monitor and control wafer fabrication and product performance, manage tool productivity, maintenance, and yields, conduct data analysis to improve processes, and manage quality measurement for 32 nm technology and below.

What You'll Do

Our process, yield, and equipment engineers together take a demanding set of functions and turn them into the computing technology that makes the world work. Our process engineers develop the most efficient methods for semiconductor manufacturing using state-of-the-art equipment and materials. Yield engineers work closely with process engineers to improve product yield and to troubleshoot process flow from root causes to equipment tuning. Equipment engineers own and lead the stability, improvement, maintenance, and performance functions of extremely advanced tools. And, with Intel's senior positions, you'll combine engineering and manufacturing work with management responsibilities.

What We Make Possible

The Connected Factory

Our manufacturing and process technology provides Intel with a competitive edge.

Silicon Technology Innovations

Intel is committed to continue introducing new and innovative process technologies according to Moore's Law.

What You'll Bring

Successful process, yield, and equipment engineers at Intel typically have bachelor's or advanced degrees in chemistry, engineering (electrical, industrial, chemical, or mechanical), materials science, optics, or physics. We look for individuals with strong analytical skills, the ability to summarize complex data for both technical and nontechnical audiences, and knowledge of processing, product testing, and integrated-circuit fabrication technologies.


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A Job Like Mine

"The passion within our environment is something I can breathe in the air, and only in this company have I been able to feel this way." ― David, Product Engineer, Heredia, Costa Rica