Utilizing Predictive Sales Analytics with Big Data: Paper

Utilizing Predictive Sales Analytics with Big Data: Paper

Utilizing Predictive Sales Analytics with Big Data: Paper

To help the Intel sales organization optimize its account management and increase estimated incremental revenue, Intel IT developed an advanced predictive analytics solution to identify and prioritize which resellers have the greatest potential for high-volume sales.

To create our advanced predictive analytics solution, in 2012 we deployed a proof of concept (PoC) to learn more about how ...Intel resellers engage with Intel and the sales organization. Since conducting the PoC, we have achieved the following:
• Developed an enterprise-level, end-to-end predictive analytics engine based on what we learned from the PoC
• Produced new estimated incremental revenue increases of USD 3 million in the PoC and we expect an annual increase of USD 20 million when scaled globally
• Formulated a plan to add Intel® Distribution for Apache Hadoop* software (Intel® Distribution) to implement the engine globally and expand its capabilities

We plan to add more value to the predictive analytics engine by designing the capability to determine when an account should be contacted and what products and support to offer. This added functionality should enable a more optimized and data-driven sales organization.

Using the predictive analytics engine, the sales organization can now analyze real-time data from various sources to determine the potential for each customer to create a new revenue opportunity for Intel.

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