Optimizing Intel’s Supply Chain with an In-Memory Data Platform

Optimizing Intel’s Supply Chain with an In-Memory Data Platform

Optimizing Intel’s Supply Chain with an In-Memory Data Platform

In today’s fast-paced business world, rapid, data-driven decisions are crucial to maintaining a competitive edge. This is especially important for Intel’s supply chain, which spans order-taking, resource procurement, manufacturing, testing, and final delivery of product.

We are deploying a new in-memory data platform that has the potential to transform Intel’s entire enterprise ...application and business intelligence (BI) environment. Our first implementation of the platform will transform Intel’s supply chain by providing real-time predictive business analytics. The platform benefits both the business and IT in the following ways:

• Improves system performance.
• Collapses reporting and transaction layers.
• Consolidates database, data processing, and application capabilities onto a common platform, which eliminates multiple points of failure.
• Uses real-time data, which means fewer data hops between online transaction processing applications and analytic applications. This reduces data latency and time-to-decision, which helps Intel maintain optimal inventory levels.
• Supports self-service analysis, which enables the business to make faster, better decisions without waiting for IT to build reports and new databases
• Improves data quality by eliminating the need to reconcile data across systems.
• Improves supply chain workflow through a common user interface for multiple applications (which also reduces the amount of training and support that IT teams need to provide to Intel’s business units).

The real-time nature of the in-memory data platform supports Intel IT’s goal of a dynamic supply chain that can instantly respond to changes. More importantly, we will be able to build on what we learn with the supply chain implementation, applying real-time data in innovative ways in many other areas of the enterprise.

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