Big Data Analytics: Maximizing Marketing Insight

Big Data Analytics: Maximizing Marketing Insight

Big Data Analytics: Maximizing Marketing Insight

An important use case for the Intel® Data Platform, built on Apache Hadoop* software, is providing insight into how well marketing campaigns are performing.

In the past, Intel has typically analyzed marketing data from one media channel at a time, such as Intel. com, social media websites, paid digital banners, or paid search. Today, Intel has an opportunity to analyze several media ...channels simultaneously to produce greater insight into how content, channels, and campaigns are working in combination.

Intel IT and the Corporate Marketing Group, working together as a project team, are embarking on a big data analytics program that will help Intel focus more resources on successful media campaigns. Central to this program is the implementation of an analytics platform that provides a detailed, integrated view within and across media channels as well as richer analytical capabilities for both the marketing and sales groups, reducing time to insight. Intel IT chose the Intel Data Platform, enabling us to reduce the data processing time and expose the data to make it available for quicker discovery. The project team believes that the marketing analytics platform and its underlying technology will deliver significant business value to the enterprise. Our strategy will provide better focus to future marketing campaigns, enabling Intel to invest in the campaign approaches that deliver the greatest engagement, brand awareness, and demand generation.

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